Mandala Templates

The word mandala means "circle" in Sanskrit. Circles are powerful objects found almost universally across cultures. We see them in halos, architecture, nature and in other traditional symbols. Mandalas have long been used to facilitate meditation in the Indian and Tibetan cultures, and people create and look at mandalas to essentially center the body and mind. There is even a yoga pose called Mandalasana, where your arms, head and chest are in headstand but your trunk and legs walk around you in a circle. (We don't recommend trying it at home — leave that one for the advanced yogis!)

In many Yogi Beans classes, mandala templates are given to children as a means to inspire creativity and teach the yogic principles of balance and focus. We have found that children love the creativity inspired by their experience working with mandalas in our Yogi Beans classes. Posted below are a few mandala templates — each with a unique design template — for children to continue drawing outside of Yogi Beans classes. Click, print and enjoy!

Mandala Template 1

Mandala Template 2

Mandala Template 3

Mandala Template 4

Mandala Template 5

Mandala Template 6

Mandala Template 7

Mandala Template 8

Mandala Template 9